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Every Gemstone on James Allen is Examined by a Professional GIA Graduate Gemologist

  • Blue Sapphires

    Blue Sapphires

    Blue sapphire is a primary color gemstone. Its most common secondary hues are purple, violet, and green.

  • Pink Sapphires

    Pink Sapphires

    Pink sapphires are the rarest of sapphire colors and bear many similarities to rubies.

  • Yellow Sapphires

    Yellow Sapphires

    Yellow sapphires resemble yellow diamonds and tend to have fewer inclusions than pink or blue sapphires.

  • Red Rubies

    Red Rubies

    Among the most valued gemstones on the market, rubies are durable and range in color from pink to blood-red.

  • Green Emerald

    Green Emerald

    Emeralds are by far the most stunning of the green color gemstones.

Design Your Own Gemstone Engagement Ring

Design Your Own
Gemstone Engagement Ring


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