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JamesAllen Reviews

Over the past few years, James Allen has sold over $100,000,000 worth of engagement rings and loose diamonds. We encourage each of our customer to post their review of the product and the process of buying their ring or diamond from us. Based on the thousands of reviews we receive on multiple review sites, we pride ourselves as the industry leader in quality ring manufacturing and customer satisfaction. Please find below some of the most recent reviews written about jamesallen.com. You can click on the Read More link at the bottom of each review column to read more reviews.


I was fortunate enough to have a very close friend recommend JamesAllen.com to me when I made the decision to propose. Not know anything about diamonds, I was thrilled with the site's setup. It makes it very easy to understand all that goes into the quality of the diamond. The site offers you 360 views of each diamond, which is such an amazing feature to see the diamond that I would be purchasing. After spending quite a bit of time shopping around on the site, I decided to purchase through JamesAllen.com. Buying such a large purchase online made me nervous at first, but I was very pleased to discover the amount of support the staff at JamesAllen provides. I was able to call during purchasing and their staff walked me through each of the step. We even figured out a proper location to send the ring as my house would not be work since my, now fiancée, lives as well. The staff reaches out to you at every step in the purchasing to ensure your complete satisfaction. I will definitely purchase through them in the future. Now on to the ring. My expectations were blown away when I recieved the ring. The setting was beautiful and the diamond was brilliant. I am 100% satisfied with service and products that JamesAllen and their staff provided.

Luke W. 10/10 (Nov 05, 2015)

I liked to thank Blake Clemency for the helping me fulfill my purchase. After two visits to a brick and mortar, I decided to go online for my engagement ring purchase. After reading blogs and reviews, I chose Jamesallen.com over others. The main factor was the picture of the diamonds magnify at 20 times. It helped visually see the quality of the diamond. Then, I asked for ASET images on the diamond of my selections. Blake fulfilled the requests and delivered promptly as promise. I reviewed the ASET images and made my decision. Blake was helpful throughout the process. In addition, he provided great information and worked efficiently. After I placed the order, the ring was manufactured and inspected. It took about 2 weeks before I got my ring. It was packaged nicely and great care. I will definitely purchase and will recommend JamesAllen.com to anyone looking.

Kevin Cheung 10/10 (Nov 04, 2015)

After looking through other websites and stores, I decided to go with JamesAllen for my engagement ring. I loved the fact there was a tremendous variety of rings. The other part I liked was the ability to pick and see the diamond. My fiance tells me how she just sits there and stares at how beautiful it is. We had to get it resized and this was truly painless. I contacted customer service and was given the instructions and Fedex label. I am totally satisfied and recommend anyone to shop here.

Don L. 10/10 (Nov 04, 2015)

My fiance bought my engagement ring off JamesAllen.com and we couldn't be happier with the customer service (as well as the ring!)! It was also appraised for more than the purchase price, which doesn't hurt either. We're now looking at James Allen wedding bands too!

R.P. 10/10 (Nov 01, 2015)

Very good service all round - Absolutely nothing I could fault them with. I'd had a few minor hiccups when it came to payment, but they were incredibly attentive and responded to emails quickly, which made me feel like I was dealing with a reputable and responsible company - which was essential, seeing as I was buying from the UK. The ring itself is fabulous and turned up within about three weeks in an well presented box with all relevant paperwork. Needless to say my new fiancee loves the ring and the aftercare email displaying the ring in full 3D is great for her to show it off to friends who don't live locally. There may be some other people who are looking at reviews and wondering whether this is a company they should buy from - the answer is a resounding yes from me. 5* service and 5* product. Many thanks.

Richard S. 10/10 (Nov 01, 2015)

James Allen's customer service is the best I have seen for an on line jeweler! They have been nothing but patient and very informative. They have answered my never ending questions with patience and professionalism. I received my ring in a beautiful box with all the bells and whistles! I loved the band, but I decided that I did not like the shape of the stone. The stone was beautiful, but not what I thought I wanted. The return process was painless and the refund was very quick. Quicker than I thought it would be. This was a very stressful time for me, replacing a ring that I lost. James Allen made it so much easier than I could have imagined. Thank you for all your wonderful help and advice.

Regina D. 10/10 (Oct 30, 2015)

I ordered a custom engagement ring from JamesAllen.com. The whole process was perfect. I communicated with a customer service rep over email to explain what I was looking for in my custom ring. I was sent pictures of diamonds to choose from. I was given a quote for the ring and was on the fence about ordering it. That's when my contact at JamesAllen.com, Anna Ellis, came through with an excellent idea. Anna noticed that I didn't live very far from where she was located in MD. Anna invited us to MD to a JamesAllen.com boutique to look at sample rings and diamonds in person. Taking that extra step to meet in person, and give that personal touch made all the difference in the world. My girlfriend and I left that meeting feeling confident that JamesAllen.com could provide us exactly what we were looking for. After the meeting, I finalized the request with Anna. The ring was completed, shipped, and delivered... quickly. I proposed earlier this month and she said yes! My fiancée loves the ring. JamesAllen.com absolutely nailed the design we were looking for. I would not hesitate to do business with them again... at all.

10/10 (Oct 29, 2015)

I wanted to get my girlfriend some nice diamond stud earrings but of course since I’m a guy I procrastinated. I quickly learned that getting them a local big box store was not going to be an option so I looked on line and stumbled across JamesAllen.com. I was able to find to very similar diamonds and a nice stetting and it felt like I was shopping at a store with their enhanced views of the actual diamonds I was buying. Her birthday was on a Tuesday and I was 2 Fridays out and figured I’d have plenty of time. However, since they had to be shipped and set first then inspected and overnighted to me, I quickly learned that I may not make my deadline. I worked directly with Angelia Jones and while she was not able to promise me my delivery date, she said they would do everything they could to make it. I honestly didn’t think they were going to make it and long story short, the diamond earrings arrived a few hours before dinner and I was able to give them to her to wear beforehand and she absolutely loved them! Angelia Jones even sent me updates along the way that helped including the best one the day before her birthday that said they would ship and make it in time! It all totally made spending over a grand on earrings totally worth it! Thanks to Angelia Jones and to the entire James Allen Team! -Mark

Mark K. 10/10 (Oct 28, 2015)

I love the ring I received, it was on time delivery and very fancy packaged. Very thing was exactly as I wanted. I'm very happy with the purchase, I would recommend JamesAllen to friends and family and I may make more orders in the future :)

Jiali W. 10/10 (Oct 28, 2015)

Fantastic experience and everyone was really quick to answer my questions. They helped me narrow down my selection and inevitably pick out the perfect diamond with the best light performance over a slightly larger and more expensive one that would've been less stellar. Fiancee couldn't be happier!

Alex C. 10/10 (Oct 27, 2015)

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Beautiful ring and great value. Highly recommended

(Nov 24, 2015)

It was a great experience and I appreciated the selection. I only wish the rings were available in quarter sizes.

Michael (Nov 23, 2015)

well i m disappointed by the ring setting color , it just look like stainless steel .. the 3d image from the website is misleading (it looks much better than the actual thing) ... same with the diamond color , on the webpage it seems much more white ... also , the staff told me with medium fluorescence i should get a pretty clear change of color in Sun light , yet with 2 or 3 people we couldnt tell any difference ( slightly whiter but no blue or anything)... overall its a fine item , but for 3500$ i m a little disappointed... i m thinking of returning it , but honestly i dont feel like getting through the problems , packing , resend , the wait , the change of ring size possible since she didnt wear it yet , getting thourgh custom again etc etc... i wouldnt order such things again online its too much of wait and not knowing what you get as well as much time and bother to do changes and such.

tyrahel (Nov 22, 2015)

The most useful (and fun) feature was the "try it on" function available on the mobile site! I couldn't access it through the primary website but we used it quite a few times. In addition to that application, talking with a diamond representative helped when it came down to making the purchase.the mobile "Try it on" application is ingenious and a valuable tool!

luis (Nov 19, 2015)

Unbelievably fast delivery, unbelievably beautiful and competitively affordable ring. I'm engaged now and my fiancée loves it.

Dee (Nov 19, 2015)

Really enjoyed the search and filtering options for their products online.

Zared (Nov 19, 2015)

I had a wonderful experience with James Allen. The ring is beautiful and I will definitely be a customer for life. Thank you so much.Great Site that is easy to use. I have no complaints using this site.

AJ (Nov 19, 2015)

Very unique experience. The fact that you are able to see the diamond online before purchase puts James Allen lightyears ahead of the competition. The price was competitive as well. I will look forward to purchasing my wedding bands from them.Awesome experience!

rault23 (Nov 19, 2015)

I made a mistake with the shipping dates, and asked James Allen if there was anyway to expedite shipping so that I could have the ring on time. They added notes to my order so that everyone would be aware of the time crunch, and helped me to get the order into process early when I sent them a wire transfer confirmation. The order arrived two days ahead of schedule. Now, I'll be able to propose tonight before the trip with my future wife - thanks James Allen!

Brooks (Nov 19, 2015)

I like the fact that you do not collect canadian sales taxes and let the buyer pay thru fedex. This gave me flexibility to use USD fund and have my item delivered to a canadian address, instead of CAD fund using the current exchange rate. Thank you.it is a bit bizzarre that you show pricing in many different currencies, but there is no specific information on import duties to canada. Other sites do state this information and collect applicable taxes and duties at check out

JK (Nov 18, 2015)

Chatting with a diamond expert is a great feature! I used it three times. Your prices are exceptional! Thank you!The online chat with a diamond expert is an amazing feature! I used it three times to talk with three different people all who gave me good honest advice. Very good customer service.

Jake (Nov 17, 2015)

Having the videos of each individual diamond made the difference. I felt confident that I knew exactly what I was buying, something I could not say about other online sellers who use sample photos.

(Nov 17, 2015)

Fantastic service, we are so pleased, items are truly stunning, many thanks

(Nov 14, 2015)

With delivery times so long for a product like an engagement ring. While the customer waits for delivery, some information about the product through different stages of production will be helpful in keeping the confidence of the customer going.Nice experience overall.

Sam (Nov 13, 2015)

The diamond was delivered quickly and securely. They beat their estimates on how long it would take to deliver, which I was very happy about. The only issue I had was with a plastic sleve that held the documentation was slit down one side. Considering I didn't buy a plastic sleve, but instead a diamond, I don't have a problem with that.I really appreciated the information provided about each diamond, the large high quality photos, the fact that they are conflict free, and the options to look at and compare diamonds. I would highly suggest this to anyone looking for a diamond.

Narikdh (Nov 12, 2015)

This was my first time ordering from James Allen and they were beyond helpful and professional and knowledgeable on EVERY level. I only returned the diamond because we've decided on a larger stone... :)This site was recommended to us via on line research about a loose diamond purchase. We were contemplating going to the diamond district in NYC, and based on the information we received during our on line research, we went to your website. We could not be happier with the prices, the ease of use of your site and the extensive selection you offer. We are looking forward to and can only hope to love the diamond in person as much as we love it on your site. Thank you for making diamond purchasing fairly seamless and a pleasure. :)

Jenjil (Nov 12, 2015)

Great diamond. Delivered on quickly. A minor delay with customs (not James Allen's fault). The presentation is fantastic as was the product. Only wish the $100 introductory offer was £100 for people in the UK.

Cbizzle (Nov 11, 2015)

I was skeptical about ordering an engagement ring online, but I'm glad that I went through with it. All of the reviews that I have read are accurate about James Allen, quality product for a better price than most competitors. I can't stop looking at the ring! The only thing I would advise is to do your own diamond research, I was able to find an amazing deal, better than either James Allen reps/3rd party reps were able to find for me. I used the Holloway Cut Adviser (google the name) and a pricing chart based on the 3 Cs for 2014-2015 for diamonds to pick my own stone from James Allen's stock. As for the ring, it is EXACTLY what I've been looking for and I paid approximately $4,000-$5,000 less than similar rings at brick and mortar shops.I have heard and read great things from James Allen. Their prices are extremely competitive. I have been going around to retail stores with a better Idea of what is a "better deal".

jc (Nov 11, 2015)

Excellent experience buying from James Allen, even if you are not an expert on diamonds nor jewerly you will find easily the right choice.

Jamt23 (Nov 09, 2015)

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Excellent service and a greatproduct

Dale (Mar 25, 2013)

Everything went well. The whole process of importing was clearly explained and the ring was exactly like I expected.

Stuart (Aug 20, 2012)

Excellent; I need to get the ring re-sized and they have made it as painless and expedient as possible. Incredible customer service. Highly recommended.

ChaseF (Oct 12, 2011)

Fast, Responsive, great maintenance policies. They even have someone specifically assigned to assisting you.Thanks Tammy!

synaestheory (Sep 11, 2010)

This was my first time purchasing jewelries online and it was a scary one at first. But after making the purchase and saw how friendly customer support team was it makes me at rest. The package (Engagement ring) took 7 days from the day I made the order until the it steps at my door in Australia which was pretty fast. I cannot wait until I see the look on my fiance when she sees the ring... ;)

MozOmar (Oct 26, 2011)

The necklace was absolutely beautiful! JamesAllen.com representatives were extremely helpful and prompt. I would definitely use JamesAllen.com to buy products in the future.

Shopper (Jul 8, 2011)

The seller contacted me immediately after ordering to offer any assistance they could. The order shipped quickly and was exactly what I wanted.

Jacob (Oct 4, 2010)

A lot better than I expected! Competitor reviews were not that great and so I was speculative about even buying online, but their entire team made me feel very comfortable and they made this experience very special! Thanks JamesAllen.com!!!

Shopper (Jul 9, 2010)

Fast and friendly customer service along with a great selection make this store an excellent choice for your diamond jewelry needs! Customer service follows up with you until you've satisfactorily received the product, and delivery was exceptionally fast.

Micheal (Apr 23, 2010)

The service that James Allen provide before, during and after my purchase was simply awsome. They resize my ring at New York office a soon as I need it and all time they were so eficient. In fact i was so surprised about the beatifull ring, my fiance love it and the diamond was so beatiful better that a lot of option that I compared on New York jewerlies. Simply: EXELLENT

Shopper (Mar 8, 2010)

James Allen and Eileen were amazing in helping me get my ring and making sure I had it in time. The ring turned out perfect and I couldn't be happier.Eileen made sure that the ring was delivered ASAP. I only took 3 days from when I ordered to when I received the ring. The presentation box was gorgeous. Don't hesitate at all when ordering from James Allen.

AdamA (Jan 12, 2010)

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