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Oval Cut

Oval diamonds are a favored choice for engagement rings because they offer beautiful fire and brilliance. Oval cut diamonds are recognized for their unique shape and aesthetic appeal, and provide light return similar to round diamonds.

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664 results found: oval  diamonds; between 0.7-15 carats; between $200- $999,000
Details Shape Carat Color Clarity Cut Depth Table Fluor Lab Photo Price Compare
0.71 J I1 - 63.1 58.0 None GIA $ 960
0.96 J SI2 - 63.3 56.0 None GIA $ 2,330
0.93 J SI2 - 57.3 51.0 None GIA $ 2,370
1.01 K SI2 - 59.8 60.0 None GIA $ 2,400
0.92 K VS2 - 63.0 58.2 None AGS $ 2,460
1.01 K VVS2 - 62.1 55.0 GIA $ 2,510

Oval-Cut Diamonds

Oval diamonds are popular choice for engagement rings because they offer great fire and brilliance. Similar to round diamonds in their light return, oval-cut diamonds are known for their unique shape and aesthetic appeal. This diamond shape has an additional advantage of appearing larger than its actual carat size because of its elongated shape. When set in engagement rings, oval-cut diamonds serve to elongate fingers, which gives them an air of grace and elegance.

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