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1498 results found:  Fancy color diamonds; between 0.05-15 carats; between $200- $999,000

Fancy Color Diamonds

Fancy color diamonds are extremely rare and beautiful, and sought after by collectors and lovers alike. Like traditional diamonds, fancy color diamonds are the result of carbons in the earth that have endured high temperatures and extreme pressure for millions of years. What differentiates them is the natural addition of elements such as boron, nitrogen and hydrogen.

Fancy color diamonds make perfect center stones for engagement rings because they sparkle like no other and really stand out. Only approximately one out of every 10,000 diamonds have enough color to be considered “fancy.” There are many fancy color diamonds to choose from: pink (argyle), yellow (canary), blue, green, orange and brown (chocolate) just to name a few. When selecting a fancy color diamond, there are different intensities to consider: fancy, fancy intense and fancy vivid.

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