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124 results found:  orange,greenFancy color diamonds; between 0.05-15 carats; between $200- $999,000

Natural Green Diamonds

Natural green diamonds are among the rarest fancy color diamonds, next to yellow, blue, and pink diamonds. Like most fancy color diamonds, pure green diamonds are few and far between. Green color diamonds range from blue-green to yellow-green and sometimes display hints of grey or brown as well. Natural green diamonds that have no traces of additional colors are incredibly rare and valuable.

Green diamonds are graded as follows: faint green, very light green, light green, fancy light green, fancy green, fancy intense green, fancy dark green, fancy deep green, and fancy vivid green. Fancy vivid green diamonds are more expensive than faint green diamonds as they are rarer.

James Allen offers a beautiful collection of green color diamonds as well as green diamond engagement rings, in all shapes and carat sizes. Green diamond engagement rings are a great option for women who prefer something a bit more colorful than the traditional colorless engagement ring. If you are looking to add to your diamond selection and appear especially striking when set in a platinum or white gold setting.

Natural Orange Diamonds

Orange diamonds are some of the rarest color diamonds on the market. Natural orange diamonds usually contain overtones and shades of brown, yellow or pink. Orange diamonds are graded as fancy orange, fancy intense orange, fancy vivid orange, fancy deep orange and fancy dark orange.

In order for a diamond to be considered truly orange, it must contain no traces of brown, which is tremendously rare. Because true orange diamonds are so hard to find, less is known about them than other fancy color diamonds.

James Allen offers a wide variety of fancy orange diamonds, in all shapes and carat sizes. Natural orange color diamonds are a great option for engagement rings. When looking to buy an orange diamond engagement ring, it is important that you understand the 4 C’s.

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