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Platinum Spiral Tension Set Engagement Ring
  • 0.92 H-VS1
  • 1.00 I-VVS1
  • 1.00 I-VS2
  • 0.90 H-SI1
  • 0.63 K-VS2
  • 0.50 I-VS2
  • 0.44 E-VVS1
  • 2.02 E-SI1
  • 1.50 G-VS2
  • 1.50 D-VS1
  • 1.40 J-VS2
  • 1.34 H-VS1
  • 1.28 G-VS1
  • 1.17 Blue Sapphire
  • 1.05 H-I1
  • 1.01 H-VS2
  • 1.00 I-VVS2
  • 1.00 E-VVS1
  • 0.99 I-VS2
  • 0.97 H-VS2
  • 0.75 F-SI2
  • 0.71 G-SI1
  • 0.71 G-VVS2
  • 0.70 J-VS1
  • 0.70 D-I1
  • 0.70 G-VS1
  • 0.65 F-VVS1
  • 0.51 I-VS2
  • 0.50 J-SI1
  • 0.40 F-SI2

Platinum Spiral Tension Set Engagement Ring

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SKU: 8809P

This dramatic, spiraling tension-set solitaire ring allows you to fully view the beautiful diamond of your choice. Currently shown with a round shaped diamond, but other diamond shapes are available.
Setting Information
Metal: Platinum
Width: 10x5.5 mm
Can be set with
Pear:   0.50   -    1.00
Round:   0.50   -    1.50
Oval:   0.50   -    1.50
Princess:   0.50   -    1.50
Emerald:   0.50   -    1.50

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Item Reviews

I would have never picked this ring for myself, but I LOVE it. I get so many compliments on it. The tension setting is stunning, and as a bonus, the setting does not get caught on things because it is flush. I could not be happier.

Bridget M.

(Apr 30, 2015)

I love this ring. I have received more compliments on its unusual style and look. I love that you can see the whole diamond in the setting. I never catch it on anything because the stone is protected in the setting. My fiancé surprised me with the perfect ring for me.

mary-jo champlin

(Aug 04, 2014)

I. Adore. This. Ring. It is amazing how you can literally see and feel the entire diamond. And the ring gives off such a bold and strong statement. Thanks James Allen for helping my boyfriend choose wisely ;-)


(Jan 22, 2014)

Oh my gosh! Where did you get that ring?! Thats what I hear from almost everyone who sees my ring! I tell everyone I got it from James Allen and send them to browse your site. Really, I cant thank you enough for this unique tension engagement ring! I LOVE IT!

Tracy H.

(Dec 11, 2013)

I love this ring. Its modern and clean. Working with JA was a good experience as well.

Devayani Puranik

(Feb 14, 2013)

I have never seen a ring quite like this and I love it. It`s very unique and beautiful.


(Nov 13, 2011)

I thought I was taking a little bit of a risk getting this ring, but once it arrived, I knew I had made the right choice. My taste in jewelry has always been a little edgy and even my boyfriend was like, "are you sure this is the ring you want?" When he finally saw it in person he said he completely understood why I picked it. It looks beautiful on my hand and I am so happy with my purchase.


(Oct 18, 2011)

This ring is so cool looking- fresh and stylish!

Sara R

(Oct 17, 2011)

This ring is great quality and well-priced. I look around for a lot of modern style, platinum rings and decided that this was the best buy. JamesAllen has great products and pricestrust me, I did the research.


(Oct 05, 2011)

I get complimented on this ring all the time. Mine is in platinum. I love the clean, modern lines. The ring looks like a mini work of art.


(Jul 03, 2011)

I just bought this Tension ring for my fiancee. She absolutely loves it. It`s a beautiful, modern-style, one-of-a-kind setting. Much more intersting than the typical setting. Thanks James Allen!

Josh C

(Jul 03, 2011)

I feel like I`m wearing a piece of art on my finger! I get tons of compliments even when I`m walking down the street!

Zoe R.

(Jul 03, 2011)

I absolutely love the design and it looks beautiful but it scratches easily.


(May 05, 2010)

My boyfriend presented me with this beautiful platinum spiral tension engagement ring and I said "yes" a million times! I still can''t believe how beautiful it is. Thank you James Allen for making the happiest girl in the whole wide world.

Jenny Fabreez

(Jan 19, 2010)

I bought my wife to be a stunning tension engagement ring from James Allen and she loves, loves, loves it. Thank you James Allen for making it so easy to find exactly what I was looking for.

Pauly Perry

(Jan 18, 2010)

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