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Engagement Ring Settings and Styles

The style of an engagement ring setting should match the personality of the person who will be wearing it. A classic woman with simpler, more streamlined taste will probably prefer a beautifully-made solitaire setting with one fantastic diamond. For women who like a lot of sparkle, an intricate pave setting with rows of diamonds might be preferable. An engagement ring setting with delicate engraving might appeal to a woman who likes antique rings. Beautiful baguette side stones give a more contemporary feel to a ring, and gemstone settings are great for a woman who loves color. Tension settings will likely appeal to a more modern woman. Consider the woman, and the right style will become clear. Remember that the wedding band that will follow will need to match the engagement ring in terms of style and metal. The width of the ring is also a factor, since it will soon have a wedding ring next to it. A woman with small hands will want a narrower band on her rings, while a woman with larger hands might prefer a wider band so it doesn't seem to disappear on her finger.

Bezel Setting

This setting style, primarily known for its simplicity and durability, encases the surrounding outer edge of the diamond in a fine frame of metal (gold or platinum). When using white gold or platinum it can often give the diamond a larger appearance. The bezel setting can accommodate every diamond shape as well.

Bezel Setting image

Pave Setting

This style of diamond setting uses many very small diamonds set with tiny prongs to create an uninterrupted surface of brilliance and sparkle.

Pave Setting image

Prong Setting

A traditional setting technique that gives maximum exposure of the diamond and minimizes the presence of metal (gold or platinum). This allows more light to pass through the diamond, which only adds to its brilliance.

Prong Setting image

Tension Setting

Tension setting is a modern and beautiful method of setting a diamond into a ring. In tension-set rings, the diamond is essentially "squeezed" at the girdle into a small groove cut into the tension mounting. The mountings are manufactured using precious metals that are especially hardened to grip the diamond without the necessity of prongs. The settings are designed to be very secure.

Tension Setting image

Antique Style

Antique style engagement rings are a popular choice for women who love unique, intricate engagement rings. Many antique style engagement rings reference different time periods, such as the Edwardian, Art Deco and Victorian era and use detailed techniques, such as filigree. Often paired with an Asscher cut diamond, antique style engagement rings are a great choice for the woman who loves to express her individuality.

Wedding Ring Sets

It is much easier to purchase a wedding set, which includes both the engagement ring and the wedding band. The downside, however, is that you have fewer choices. Wedding sets are designed so the diamond engagement ring and wedding band are the same style and sit flush with one another on a woman's finger. However, you might prefer to create the ideal engagement ring and then choose a wedding band to match it later. It is definitely easier to choose a bridal set and then only need to pick out a men's wedding band later, but it does limit the styles of engagement rings you can choose from.


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