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Yellow gold is the most common of the golds, partly because gold is yellow in its naturally occurring state. The yellow gold used in fine jewelry is typically alloyed with silver and copper; its color depends on the amount of pure gold in the alloy. The advantages of gold are that is does not corrode, tarnish or rust, so it can be counted on to provide lasting beauty. And even though it is strong, gold is more "flexible" than the other precious metals.

Pure gold, graded 24 karats, is too soft for use in making jewelry—as a rule, the higher the karat count, the softer the gold. 18kt gold is composed of 75% gold alloyed with 25% other metals, and is used in the making of fine jewelry. 14kt gold, which is composed of 58.3% gold, is commonly used in jewelry in which strength and hardness are important factors. 10kt gold is made up of 41.7% gold, and 10 karats is the minimum amount of karats an items needs to be classified as real gold in the U.S.

Authentic gold jewelry bears a "karat mark", which is a "k" stamp. According to U.S. law, every gold item must also be stamped with the manufacturer's trademark and country of origin to ensure the authenticity of the gold.

Caring For Yellow Gold Jewelry

Even though gold is resilient, there are important measures you can take to keep you jewelry looking as good as new. To keep gold shiny and scratch-free, store it in a soft cloth bag or fabric-lined jewelry box. Gold should be cleaned with mild soap and warm water, using a non-metallic, soft brush (like a toothbrush). To retain gold’s luster, make sure to keep it away from harmful and corrosive chemicals such as bleach, ammonia and chlorine. And always use a soft, lint-free cloth—never paper towels—to dry the jewelry.


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